Pie In The Sky

If there is one food that should be an entire food group all by itself it is the mighty pie. The pastry alone is worth writing home about. With an abundance of imaginative and cuisine-spanning fillings, there is something for every meat-eater out there. Sadly however, if there is one food that so drastically lets down the Veggie Team it is also, you guessed it, the pie!

For those of you who have seen the previous post (Banish The Bean!) and are aware of my mild(!) dislike of palming the common Vegetarian off with a Spicy Bean Burger, this apparently is not a contained issue, oh no. It has a friend, the Spicy Bean PIE!

About 3 months in to my Vegetarian journey I had been eating the same things over and over for ease as I hadn’t really looked in to the more interesting options yet (read: Quorn&Veg…daily) and while out for dinner noticed a little green V sparkling in the pastry section of the menu – Vegetable Pie and Mash? Yes please!

While I was expecting a creamy sauce and a selection of root vegetables with maybe even a cheesy mash and some gravy, what I actually ended up with was peppers shoved in a luminous orange spicy pastry, with spicy sweet potato ‘crush’

Tears were shed.

But all is not lost! It turns out that there is hope still out there!

All hail the Macaroni Cheese Pie – Thanks Scotland.

The one above was from Clarks Bakery in Dundee and is the best yet – I may even have stocked up for late night snacks. They are so, so tasty and moreish and roughly £1.50 each hot (you can get them cold too for less) They also sell a cheese and veg pie though this is not as impressive and the mix of vegetables is a little unusual, though if you’ve suffered through spicy pies for ages it is still a nice change. One thing to bare in mind is the bean and potato pie, do no be fooled – this is actually a minced beef pie TOPPED with potato and beans and thus not vegetarian like I at first thought, just palm it off on a meat-eating pie lover as they’ll enjoy it for you!



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