Recipe – Halloumi & Avocado Mushroom Burger

It’s about time there was a fancy burger on the scene. And if there is one thing a burger should be it’s juicy!

So here it is – not a dry crumbly veggie burger in sight. No, today we have the juicy, gooey and mostly cheesy Halloumi & Avocado Mushroom Burger!


Ingredients :

1 × Avocado
1 × Pack of Halloumi
1 × Portabello Mushroom
1 × Burger Bun


Mayonnaise and salt & pepper


Step 1 – Grill the mushroom.

Chop off the stalk and place in grill/pan for a few minutes until soft, turning regularly.


Step 2 – Add the cheese.

Slice the Halloumi in to cm thick slices and add to the grill. Turn regularly until brown and slightly crisp. Alternatively place in a frying pan or Actifry for a few minutes.



Step 3 – Mash The Avocado.

Slice up an over ripe avocado. Mash up with a fork until soft but coarse. Add salt & pepper, and chilli/garlic if desired.


Step 4 – Pile It High.

Spread mayonnaise on the bun and stack the mushroom, Halloumi and avocado mash on top. Add salad if the healthy thing is your kick.


Step 5 – Eat!

Pretty self explanatory!