Banish The Bean!


Hi there,

I’m Binny and it’s coming up to my one year veg-iversary! It’s been an eye opening twelve months of missing a lot of go-to snacks but also discovering a multitude of previously unknown vegetarian gems!

But if there has been one thing I have taken to heart when it comes to the diet of a vegetarian… It is the popular belief that our main staple is the coveted “Spicy Bean Burger”

To this there is just one word. NO. No, no, no.

There seems to be a great misunderstanding going on in the food for vegetarians/cooked by non-vegetarians world. While our meat eating friends are privy to a literal world of menu choices; from Indian curries, Italian pizzas, British fish and chips right down to the drunken kebab after a night out – the poor Vegetarian, no matter what, is lumped with – you guessed it – the Spicy Bean Burger.

Is it really too much to ask, to want to have a meal (or even a snack would suffice!) that has absolutely no resemblance to a Mexican Bean?? Unless of course we are in a Mexican diner, in which case I’m sorry I take it all back.

So here I am, starting my very own crusade to address this heartbreaking issue. I am on the hunt for calorie-laden cruelty-free JUNK.

Look out Spicy Bean Burger, I’m coming for you!