Yo Sushi! Hello Tokyo..?

So a favourite food haunt of mine is definitely Yo! Sushi.. and I’ve been super excited that there was one in Cardiff (after I got over my fear of going in that is!) So much so that I’ve been once a week for the last month and a half!

Well I was even more excited to find out the were launching a new menu… what goodies would be in store?



So there’s the new menu… and it’s honestly not as fabulous as I’d hoped for. It looks awesome and the redesign is amazing… but I now can’t find anything! Also…big disappointment – look how many dishes they now do?? You want to know how many are veggie? Or how many of the new dishes are veggie? Hmm..

Anyway.. we’ll come back to that. On to my favourite dishes!


1 – Avocado Maki – Thin slices of soft avocado in sticky rice and wrapped on seaweed.

You get six but my hunger wouldn’t wait for the camera! This has to be my first dish… I love it and could easily eat plate after plate.

Cost – £1.90


2 – Pumpkin Korroke Katsu – Pureed pumpkin and spices coated in panko breadcrumbs and deep fried, served with a sticky sauce.

This is really good but I definitely recommend ordering it fresh rather that taking off the belt. It’s so much better hot hot hot than when it’s done a few laps of the conveyor!

Cost – £3.40 (£2.70 on Blue Mondays)


3 – Kaiso Salad – Shredded seaweed with crunchy veg, sesame seeds and a sweet sauce.

For a salad, this is great. The seaweed is really juicy without being limp and soggy like lettuce can be. The sauce it great too. Just sweet and salty enough to match. The crunchy veg gives it texture too.

Cost – £2.70


4 – Miso Dumpling Ramen/Rice – Vegetable Gyoza in a Miso broth with crunchy shredded veg and a choice of rice or Ramen at the bottom.

Now this is sort of new. You could get it as a sumo bowl (massive portion – £8) but it wasn’t listed as Vegetarian so even though clearly ok, I steered clear. It’s officially veggie now so I tucked in. The Gyoza are just as good as on their own, you get two here. The veg and the Miso is great, really salty but I like that. I had rice but it was a little plain – will definitely try Ramen next time!

Cost – £3.90

There are a tonne more things I’d love to try! Sadly none are from the new menu.. oh ok apart from the new cakes.. which are to die for!

I am honestly a little gutted that with so many veggie opportunities the selection is slim and nothing is overly impressive but then on the other hand it does make a veggie bill a lot less than a meat bill haha. Silver lining!


Happy Sushi Guys!! Xx