Review – The Phoenix Bar, Dundee

Not often can you go in to a food place and be greeted with anything other than the two standard veggie options : veggie burger or cheesy pasta.

Well behold The Phoenix Bar on Perth Road/Nethergate (depending on your views) in Dundee! A veggie heaven in the food department.

At first glance you might not notice just how many options there are – unlike typical menus where Vegetarian options are sidelined with salad and fish, Phoenix mixes them in with all the regular sections. There is literally a vegetarian option for everything.



You’ve got the choice (yes you read correctly) of garlic mushrooms, vegetable pakoras, mozzarella sticks with dip or cauliflower cheese soup..

I’ve not personally tried them as I’m not a starter girl but they all looked amazing when others ordered them.



This is where the action starts! For the first time it took me half an hour to choose what to have, not because I didn’t really want anything.. but because I wanted everything!!

There is a vegetarian version of their chilli, pizza and several different veggie burgers (Including the Vegetarian Dirty Harry!)


And the chilli is to die for! You can get it with pitta, chips, jacket potato or rice too. It’s pretty hot but not too scary to put you off and for a veggie mince it doesn’t have the typical too-sweet Quorn taste that puts me off making my own chilli. It comes topped with cheese and if you want you can order a pot of sour cream for ¬£1 to cool it down if you prefer a chillier chilli!


So if in Dundee, definitely check out Phoenix! (If anything, their tower of sauce is worth the visit!)


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